Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call To Artists: Lakeland Community College

The 4th Annual Holiday Artists Market to benefit the Lakeland Student Art Show Awards Fund
Monday, December 6 & Tuesday, December 7, 10 am - 2 pm.  They are looking for artists working in all media.  Work must be created by the artist, no buy/sell.  It is preferred that the artist be present, but considering it's a weekday show, friends or relatives are fine.
There is No booth fee.  The artist is responsible for sales and will donate 20% commission to the Lakeland Foundation for the Student Art Show Awards fund. This donation is tax deductible. The names of the artists that contribute to the awards fund is acknowledged in the program for the Lakeland Visual Arts Student Exhibition in April.
Lakeland can provide cafeteria sized tables and chairs, the artist can also bring their own displays. Basically the space is a cafeteria table wide and as deep. Artists can create an "L" shape or have 2 parallel tables facing each other with a walkway in between. Lakeland would need to know how many tables artists would need. Tables must be covered to the ground. Also, Lakeland can provide limited overnight storage for artwork.

Customers are staff/faculty/administrators and students.  The show located at a major campus crossroad: next to bookstore, counseling and the cafeteria.

Mary Urbas will be setting up logistics late Sunday so artists can set up their display area.

Interested artists can friend Mary Urbas on Facebook and mention the Artist Market if you have an album she could see, or go the old fashioned route and email images to murbas@lakelandcc.edu.
For more info go to the Lakeland Gallery homepage www.lakelandcc.edu/gallery.

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